Cupcake Love

Cupcake Love
Dark Chocolate Stuffed W/ Peanutbutter Cup W/ Peanutbutter Frosting

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Write Stuff

So I finally got a little notebook so I can write down my ideas when I am not at the computer, and re-write the recipes so I can better understand them, instead of just reading it once. PLUS it will work out great when I need to stock up on ingredients, at the grocery store!

I still have have to take a picture of my Coffee Cupcakes, that I made yesterday morning. Which by the way came out amazing, if I do say so myself (yes a little cocky about my baking abilities) These actually have brewed coffee, and a teaspoon of the grounds right in the mix! And I made a dark chocolate frosting, that also has coffee added into it. With about 1/2 the minis I let them cool completely (like you are supposed to) before I frosted them, but I didn't with the second 1/2 and the frosting kinda melted, but it was really good that way! Made a slight difference in the texture.

Now I want to try something a little fruity!

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