Cupcake Love

Cupcake Love
Dark Chocolate Stuffed W/ Peanutbutter Cup W/ Peanutbutter Frosting

Friday, August 20, 2010


Ok so for starters, tomorrow is my big family reunion...What am I making you ask? CUPCAKES DUH!
I am going to do a simple mini dark chocolate, with a fresh raspberry in each, then a butter cream dollop! YUM! Excited to make them and try them!

And second...I applied for my first craft show, and could I have picked a small one for starters? sure, but did I? NO! I went ahead and applied for a spot at MayDay! Underground at the Village Gate Mall on Goodman St Rochester NY. It is highly popular, and reported on. I am nervous as hell, because they choose from applicants to be in the show! So wish me luck! I will know for sure Sept. 1st! BUT this isn't a bake creations would be up for sale! ^_^

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  1. Dani,
    Your blog looks delish!...your ideas sound so good. Please continue to share AND please let us know if you will be selling them by the dozen anytime soon
    {{HUGS}} Misi & Lizzie